How did the Brainport Region Eindhoven become one of the smartest regions in the world?

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This question was the teaser sentence for a Triangulum webinar organised on 17th March 2017. Within the webinar, Henk Kok, local coordinator of the activities in the Triangulum Lighthouse City Eindhoven, provided some answers, resting on three main pillars. Firstly, the historical development of Eindhoven and the villages around, from the late 19th century until the early nineteen nineties. Secondly, after that period, there have been almost twenty five years, in which an ecosystem has emerged that rests on an almost undisputed basic political agreement of how to develop the region. Thirdly, several ingredients grew over time and are still developing further. These create favourable conditions for becoming one of the smartest regions in the world.


Read more in this article by Henk Kok, a more extensive version of the webinar presentation.

Triangulum Tour during the Stavanger Impact Week on 15th June 2017

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Experience the smart solutions in the Triangulum project! Maybe the solutions can also be used in your municipality? Or maybe the smart solutions are something for your home?

On Thursday, 15th June at 1 pm the tour starts at the Lyse headquarters. The Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, will welcome the participants with an opening speech before a brief introduction to the Triangulum project. Participants will then be shown a demonstration appartment that has a number of smart home solutions installed.

The group will then be transported to the University of Stavanger in one of the battery operated buses that Stavanger has installed within the Triangulum project. Members of the Triangulum consortium will explain how the data the university collects is being used and in which way this benefits the citizens.

The last point on the agenda will be the presentation of a new film clip at Stavanger cinema that demonstrates what the citie’s sewer is going to be used for. The County Mayor in Rogaland, Solveig Ege Tengesdal, will also be attending.

Participation to the event is free of charge, but registration is necessary.

Manchester broadens its international networks

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Earlier this year, Manchester received an invitation from DG REGIO to submit a proposal to participate in an EU pilot project. The invitation forms a fantastic opportunity to share Manchester’s Smart City project experience, including Triangulum, beyond Europe.

“World Cities” ( is focused on sustainable urban development and is promoting the exchange of experience and best practice between EU and non-EU countries. The project is being piloted with cities within five non-EU countries (South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam). Manchester is building on a strong relationship with Adelaide in Australia. The initial visit to Adelaide took place in May 2017.

Greenhouse break during the Follower City Days in Stavanger

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Triangulum has started on its road to replication – putting the Follower Cities at the core of the activities. Among the many contributing events this year were Follower City Days, an intense two day meeting in each of the Lighthouse Cities. First out was Stavanger, hosting the project partners from Sabadell, Prague and Leipzig during the first week of May. The follower cities were able to have a closer look at solutions that can be further developed at home – such as electric vehicle charging, an innovative video and the energy centre at Stavanger municipality. A well deserved dinner break included a trip to Alchemilla (pictured) – a greenhouse that is more than a greenhouse, situated at the neighbouring island Rennesøy.

(Pictures: Lyse)

Eindhoven is paving the way for intelligent street lighting

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Eindhoven´s smart street lights allow customisation to individual purposes and react depending on personal requirements. A smart light system is leading the way for joggers and walkers in a popular local recreation area around two ponds by guiding different ways of different lengths in different colours. Citizens can choose according to their pace and requirements and will be led by the new smart lighting system which will be officially launched by a summer party for the entire population.

(Pictures: Eindhoven)


















The futuristic looking lamp post contains innovative technology – The running device offers different options for walks and distances.

Eindhoven presents the winners of the I-City-Tender

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In 2016, Eindhoven issued an I-City tender encouraging start-up companies to apply with their ideas on how to make the city smarter. More than 20 firms were competing with innovative ideas, seven of them are now selected. The award-winning ideas tackle various sectors of the daily life:

Abby Solutions wants to integrate solar energy into the everyday business and has therefore developed a mobile sustainable energy source to make electric bikes smart.

Bit Sensor’s new IT solutions are filling the gap between connected devices and security issues.

Atelier Veeger developed an interactive billboard which residents can use 24/7 and that allows not only an increased involvement of the citizens but also the public environment to respond.

Octo optimises occupation and comfort in Triangulum’s demo-area Strijp-S by monitoring and using real-time data. Because of this innovation, nobody has to search endlessly for the ideal workplace any more.

ViNotion experiments with smart cameras that can interpret images and provide information about special activities in the Strijp-S corridor. In this way, smart roads could be developed that for instance respond automatically in case of an emergency.

Omines develops a smart city data platform on which data from smart cities can be collected, edited and analysed. In this manner, various data sources can be combined for the benefit of the resident and the user.

The listed start-up companies are selected to receive 20,000€ each in order to realise their innovative ideas and solutions which will contribute to future smart districts and cities.

One of the winners presenting his innovative idea in front of Eindhoven’s jury

Triangulum presented in New York within the event “Catalonia connects Smart Cities NYC’17”

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A Sabadell company, Creaidealab, presented Triangulum among other projects in the event “Catalonia connects Smart Cities NYC’17”, which took place in New York on 3 to 6 May 2017.

The event gathered 10 selected Catalan smart city companies which were able to present their projects to potential customers and partners in the New York area, in order to find opportunities for collaboration, including the municipality of New York.

Creaidealab had participated in the Triangulum’s on-site assessment workshops in March 2016 and is also actively participating in the training mission webinars in 2017.

Further information (in Catalan):

Triangulum Steering Committee meets in Prague

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(Picture: Fraunhofer IAO)

From 25th to 26th April 2017, the Triangulum Follower City Prague hosted the project’s Steering Committee Meeting, where the project partners took the opportunity to exchange experiences and present the latest developments in the Triangulum cities and work packages. On this basis, the next steps were discussed and planned.

New electric vans, university courses on power management, an app on how to save energy in office buildings and a sewer tunnel to provide energy for three buildings – these were just some of the many recent achievements and developments in the three Triangulum Lighthouse Cities. Also, replication activities and on site assessments in the project’s Follower Cities Prague, Leipzig and Sabadell were another focus of the last project months.

(Picture: Fraunhofer IAO)

A visit to the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings and its smart home rounded off the programme.

Triangulum Follower City Leipzig – Engaging with Smart City partners

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During the past months, the City of Leipzig has made a stronger effort to build up and intensify networks with local and national partners to foster Smart City processes in the city – comprising events to work on the future of the Smart City Leipzig, a lecture series on Smart City topics and participation in the DELL Smart Cities Roundtable.

“Zukunftsforum” is an established event where city leaders and CEOs of local utilities come together to discuss future strategies for Leipzig. With the 6th meeting taking place on 13 March 2017, it was time to leave theoretical aspects behind and to focus on more practical actions. The participants came to the conclusion that, after working on a joint definition and more strategic aspects for Smart City Leipzig, the focus should now be shifted to concrete actions. Therefore, the next meeting in May 2017 will focus on Smart Mobility in the context of the growing city Leipzig.

Besides that, the local Triangulum team works closely together with other partners to engage citizens, science institutions and other stakeholders in Smart City topics. Together with the Institute of Urban Development and Construction Management of Leipzig University, the evening lecture series “HOT SPOTS :: DER STADTENTWICKLUNG” is being continued during the summer semester at Leipzig University, focusing on digitization and urban development. The topics of the lectures will range from the digitization processes in Munich over cross-media citizen communication to digital-analogue inclusion.

Further information:

Another activity comprised a lecture by Nadja Riedel of the City of Leipzig at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management. The lecture, taking place on 5 April 2017, focused on Smart City processes and the Triangulum project. The participating students are working on a semester project called “Corporate Innovation”, focusing on the Smart City transformation processes in Leipzig. The results will be presented at the end of June this year.

In order to get in contact with local and national enterprises, the City of Leipzig participated in the DELL Smart Cities Roundtable at the SpinLab in Leipzig-West on 7 March 2017. The topic of the discussion round was „Data Transformation – standards and processes“ and Mike Reichmuth of the City of Leipzig presented the current Smart City processes and the Triangulum project in Leipzig.

Furthermore, an article on the Smart City process in Leipzig was published in the current issue of “Informationen zur Raumentwicklung”, a publication by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development.

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