The Triangulum Lighthouse City visits – Encouraging the replication of best practices

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The overarching goal of Triangulum’s replication work package is the transfer of successful use cases implemented in the Lighthouse Cities (LHC) to the Follower Cities (FC) and beyond in a systematic and methodological way. An additional objective is to streamline ICT integration between all three Lighthouse Cities and to develop an ICT reference architecture. The aim is to speed up planning and implementation and to optimise the design, transformation and monitoring of potential smart city solutions.

During the year 2017, the Triangulum replication team visited the three Lighthouse Cities: Stavanger (NO) in May, Eindhoven (NL) in June and Manchester (UK) in July. The aim of these visits was, on the one hand, to identify replicable use cases, which can be accessed through a user-friendly replication tool. On the other hand, they aimed at identifying driving factors which supported the implementation of innovative solutions in these cities.

The visits focused on the following points:

  • Local innovation eco systems: to understand how local partners collaborated and strengthened the smart city development process.
  • Twinning opportunities: to support replication by identifying regions within Europe and across the world similar to the LHCs regarding e.g. cultural, political and socio-demographic factors.
  • Design principles: to identify agreed rules that guided decision making throughout the implementation process in order to ensure a meaningful smart city development.
  • ICT reference architecture in each city: to identify what mechanisms are being applied, what sort of data is being collected and whether this can be transferred to other cities.
  • Use cases in each LHC: to capture learnings in a systematic way regarding the implementation of use cases in the LHCs, including the supporting factors, financial information, benefits, etc.

All the information gathered during the three visits was presented to the Follower Cities and will be part of the Triangulum Smart City Framework due in January 2018.

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Supporting the Triangulum Follower Cities in replicating solutions – The Triangulum FC Training Mission

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The Follower City Training Mission focuses on supporting the Triangulum Follower Cities to replicate solutions from the Lighthouse Cities. The three Follower Cities (FC) Leipzig, Prague and Sabadell have been closely accompanied by the replication team of the project by conducting a comprehensive and tailored training programme during the year 2017. The aim of the different activities is to help the FCs write their implementation strategies. With these strategies , the FCs outline their concrete plans to replicate smart city solutions, providing details such as the area for implementation, technologies to be implemented, costs and funding, reference to the Lighthouse Cities (LHC), etc.The Training mission includes three different vehicles:

1.Follower City Days in the three Triangulum Lighthouse Cities

The Follower City Days took place in Stavanger (08.-09.05.17), Eindhoven (19.-20.06.17) and Manchester (03.-04.07.17). During these on-site visits, the FCs got the opportunity to gain knowledge from the LHCs and their local partners related to the implementation of specific use cases and the local ecosystem.


A total of seven workshops took place during 2017. The first four workshops addressed all FCs on the following topics and were also supported by partners from the LHCs:

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Smart Grids, Energy Storage and Renewable Energies
  • Intelligent and connected public space and
  • Open Data and eGovernance.

Currently, workshops are being held in each follower city to address the challenges with the local stakeholders and concretise their ideas for the implementation strategy.


Within the Training Mission, webinars were an additional measure to transfer valuable knowledge among cities. During the course of seven webinars with a duration of two hours each, partners from several cities came together for an exchange of information, experience and discussions.

Seven webinars have been carried out in 2017:

  • Smart City Policies and Governance
  • ICT Reference Architecture
  • Smart Business Services and Innovation Management
  • Innovation Procurement
  • Citizen Engagement, Development of Living Labs
  • Financing the Smart City
  • Smart and Electric Mobility

The webinars are freely available and can be accessed through the following link:

As outcomes of these activities, the three Follower Cities are developing their individual Smart City Implementation Strategies. The Implementation Strategies address activities in the sectors energy, ICT and mobility in an integrated way and do also include measures for citizen engagement. The implementation of the planned measures is envisaged to start in 2018. Throughout Triangulum, Follower Cities will have the possibility to spend 50,000 € each on technology development and the preparation of their smart city implementation strategies.

Prague aims at improving the quality of life of its seniors within its pilot project, inspired by the Triangulum Lighthouse City Stavanger. The main question of this project is: “How can smart technology and cross-sectoral cooperation enhance the home care services that the city is currently providing?”.

Leipzig is developing a city wide data platform which connects the municipality with the utilities. This pilot project profits substantially from the input provided by the City of Eindhoven on their Open Data platform.

An open source digital platform for municipal data integration has been implemented in Sabadell, connected with real-time data from sensors and meters from several municipal services. The platform will collect and merge data from sensors or other hardware devices, in relation to several municipal services that are currently “isolated”.

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Pictures: Fraunhofer IAO

New video features Eindhoven’s Project Milestones

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The Triangulum partners in Eindhoven created a video documenting what has been achieved in the Lighthouse City since the beginning of the project. In a timeline of images, the viewer is guided through all the activities carried out during the first two years of Triangulum in Eindhoven. The video is a dynamic document: further Triangulum initiatives which are still being worked on will be added to the video in time.

“Connect and communicate“ – Triangulum partners contributed to Smart Cities Summit in London

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“Cities in charge. It’s time to tear down the silos and share knowledge and experiences among cities. Connect and communicate. Include and involve. Citizens need to play a key role” – these were some of the key messages that Stavanger’s local coordinator Gerd Seehuus shared with the audience at the Smart Cities Summit in London. During her presentation she presented collaboration and cohesive solutions from Triangulum’s Lighthouse City Stavanger.

(Picture: Stavanger Kommune)

Several Triangulum partners from Stavanger were invited to speak at the conference, taking place in London from 19th to 20th September 2017, to give the audience practical examples on how to create smarter and more sustainable cities.

Dagfinn Wåge, head of innovation at Lyse AS, Stavanger’s local utility company, held a keynote presentation on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming traditional utility business models. His message was clear: he believes all utilities in some way or another will use IoT technology to improve internal processes, reduce costs and reduce risk in dangerous operations. However, whether they will introduce new services and generate new revenues will depend on their understanding of the new platform and ecosystem based business models. If they don’t, new competitors will. And at this point, the most important part of your business, the customer relationship is at stake.

(Picture: Stavanger Kommune)

Professor Chunming Rong from the University of Stavanger attended a panel debate about how we can share data to enhance urban living. His key message was that to create value for our citizens, we need to make it easier for them to use the data that is available. He also reminded the audience to be aware – “Understand the value of your own data. It’s your digital property.”

Deputy coordinator in Stavanger, Katelien van den Berge attended a roundtable discussion on how we can create a culture of innovation with local authorities.

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Follower City Workshop in Sonderborg – “Cities are created to serve the citizens’ needs”

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On 5th October, a workshop was specifically dedicated to the European Smart City project’s Follower Cities – cities that are closely following the demonstration actions in the Lighthouse Cities and are learning from these in order to develop their own smart city strategies and replication plans.

During the workshop, titled “SCC follower cities needs and challenges”, 12 Follower Cities of the EU funded projects presented the barriers, challenges and solutions they have experienced so far. Over 60 people participated in the workshop in person and many more followed by a live stream.

The Follower Cities expressed their needs and explained what challenges they are facing to develop their ideas. Questions regarding organisational, legal, economic and technical barriers and challenges were discussed along with their possible solutions.

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“Empowering smart solutions for better cities” – Triangulum represented at annual SCIS conference

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From 2nd to 3rd October the annual conference of the EU Smart Cities Information System gathered the European Smart City community in Budapest. Triangulum was represented in two presentations at the conference: “Learning in the lighthouses: capturing smart urban transformation in the TRIANGULUM project”, given by James Evans (University of Manchester) and “TRIANGULUM replication tool for smart city use cases”, presented by Nikita Shetty (Fraunhofer IAO).

The conference wanted to encourage the replication of smart cities technologies, solutions and experiences among cities and communities. A mix of classic sessions and interactive methods, the event brought together key stakeholders from cities and regions, smart cities & energy efficiency projects, industry, business, the European Commission and smart cities initiatives.

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Opening of Lighting Route in Eindhoven

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Around two-hundred residents of the neighbourhood Eckart-Vaartbroek were present at the official opening of the innovative lighting route on 2nd October 2017.
A footpath around a pond is illuminated with smart lighting poles to make it more accessible and safe to walk. But that’s not all: A smart interactive trail of lights is set out to guide walkers or runners on their way. They can determine their own pace by setting the lights which turn on and off in a certain time-span.
For the opening, children from schools in the neighbourhood were invited to run the route for the first time.

(Picture: City of Eindhoven)


Nordic Edge 2017 – Meeting of Europe’s Smart Cities in Stavanger

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(Picture: Nordic Edge)

“Smart Happiness” was the theme of this year’s Nordic Edge Conference and Expo, being organised for the third time in Triangulum’s Lighthouse City Stavanger from 26th to 28th September 2017.

Nordic Edge aims at being the most important arena in the Nordics for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter businesses, smarter homes and smarter cities. By bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers, Nordic Edge Expo is a not-to-be-missed arena for ideas exchange, inspiration, insights and action. This year’s Nordic Edge brought together 4500 attendees from over 40 countries.
Triangulum was directly involved in several activities during Nordic Edge.

(Picture: Nordic Edge)

On 27th September, Damian Wagner, coordinator of Triangulum, gave a presentation on the project within the plenary session.

A safari was organised to “Visit a Smart Home” (taking place on 27th September) by project partner Lyse. Experts from Lyse presented the home that is equipped with all the features making a home smart – including solutions of the future for heating, lighting, sun-screening, ventilation, entertainment platforms, security, video communication and front door control.

During all three days, a joint booth of Triangulum together with the other eight European funded Smart City Lighthouse projects took place at the Nordic Edge exhibition area. Partners of the Triangulum consortium and of the other Lighthouse projects informed the visitors on their projects and the latest developments.
Furthermore, the workshop “Leading the Way to a Smart Future – Meet the New Lighthouse Cities”, co-organised by Greater Stavanger and the Stavanger Region European Office on 27th September, gave the Lighthouse Cities of the two projects mySMARTLife and RUGGEDISED the possibility to present themselves.

(Picture: Fraunhofer IAO)

On Tuesday evening, 26th September, Triangulum organised an informal get together for all attending Horizon 2020 Lighthouse project members. A short presentation of the different projects was given by the project leaders, followed networking possibilities, where the participants were able to talk more in depth about mutual experiences within their projects.

(Picture: Fraunhofer IAO)

(Picture: Fraunhofer IAO)

(Picture: Fraunhofer IAO)

Further information:

Local stakeholder workshop on Smart Home Care in Follower City Prague

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On 31st August and 1st September 2017, IPR Prague conducted a local stakeholder workshop in cooperation with the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) and the City District of Prague 7. The workshop dealt with the topic “Modern technologies of assistive care and health care in formal and informal care delivery”. International and local experts and stakeholders were invited to a knowledge exchange and discussion about the current and future possibilities of home care.

Local experts introduced the situation in Prague´s pilot district Prague 7. The social councilor of Prague 7, Mr. Hurrle, presented the district´s strategic goals for elderly people. They have a special focus on a support system that helps senior´s to stay longer and self-sufficiently in their homes. Further on, Mr. Vacha from UCEEB presented the interim results on their study on Prague 7.

International experts from the Municipality of Stavanger and the Fraunhofer IAO from Germany joined the workshop. Mr. Bøe who, the head of department of welfare technologies of Helsehuset Hospital in Stavanger, presented selected technologies which are used to provide emergency and assistance care to elderly people and explained the importance in senior care. Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Suska from the Fraunhofer Institute enriched the workshop with their presentations about the framework and possibilities within the Triangulum project, data platforms, use of e-mobility as well as financing possibilities of pilot projects. The experts shared their international experiences and solutions with the workshop´s participants and started discussions on Prague 7´s possible future during round table session.

Several stakeholders out of the field of local politics, formal and informal carers, senior citizens as well as academics and technological experts took part during the workshop. The workshop aimed to motivate local stakeholders to broaden their horizon on possible technological solutions, future projects and cooperation.

The workshop took place in the framework Triangulum’s replication activities and as part of the Follower City training session. IPR Prague is working together with the University Center of Energy Efficient Buildings and the district Prague 7 on the project on smart home care. UCEEB is conducting research between senior citizens, carers and care providers in Prague 7 to identify their needs in terms of availability and provision of care. The workshop team received a positive feedback from the participants for the workshop and is looking forward to further working processes together with local stakeholders.

Triangulum Days on the future of smart cities during World Design Event in Eindhoven from 22-23/10/2017

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Between 20th and 29th of October, the Triangulum Lighthouse City Eindhoven will host the World Design Event (WDE). This new event will take place, from now on, every four years together with the yearly Dutch Design Week (DDW), presenting smart solutions and inventive ideas of more than 2,500 designers to more than 300,000 visitors in 100 locations across the city. The event will take place in Strijp-S, one of the Triangulum demonstration sites in Eindhoven.

For this occasion, the Eindhoven Triangulum consortium (VolkerWessels, Woonbedrijf, Technical University, KPN and the Municipality of Eindhoven) is organising a two day event focusing on the project results achieved in thr city. The ‘Triangulum days’ will take place on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd October.

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