Triangulum Event in Stavanger

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On 23 May, Lighthouse City Stavanger hosted a local event called “Triangulum – what is it and what has it meant for our region?” to which 70 interested stakeholders attended, such as the Mayor, politicians, researchers, directors, leaders and employees from the local partner organisations.

The Stavanger partners presented their demonstrations and the repercussions Triangulum has caused in their organisations. For example, Triangulum tremendously helped the municipality in turning Stavanger into a smart city and to take more environmentally friendly decisions.

A dedicated “Project Leader Square” helped participants to easily get into a dialogue with the Triangulum partners during coffee breaks and after the event.

The Triangulum event has received a lot of positive feedback from the participants. It helped them to get a broader understanding of the impact Triangulum has had in the Stavanger region. Moreover, it was a good opportunity to gather all the local Triangulum Stavanger partners to create a summary of all the positive repercussions they have experienced so far from the project.

Pictures @ Stavanger Kommune