Eindhoven’s tenants in charge of their house renovation processe

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In Eindhoven’s Eckart district, Woonbedrijf invites tenants to take ownership of the renovation processes of their own houses. To make this possible, Woonbedrijf experiments with renovating in a ‘series of one’. This means that an individual house in a block of houses can be renovated at the most convenient time of the tenant according to his or her individual choices – and not when the housing association deems it appropriate. The entire project is about understanding that a housing association may own houses, but that it is the tenants who call it their home!

(Picture: Triangulum Eindhoven)

This new approach develops through a process of prototyping, which means that one is developing the renovation process with the help of a computer tool by trial and error. Woonbedrijf thus starts the renovation with a prototype, developed though co-production of Woonbedrijf, the construction company and the participating tenants. By using this WoonConnect tool, tenants can see a 3D digital version of their house. They make their own choices and immediately see the expected impacts on their energy costs. With WoonConnect, they get an insight into how they can change their behaviour in order to lower energy costs, for example by insulating their roof, by replacing their windows or by installing solar PV panels. Tenants can also go and visit a model house where several of the offered renovation processes have already been implemented.

(Picture: Triangulum Eindhoven)