Prague about to go next steps after development of Implementation Strategy

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During 2017, IPR Prague put a cross-sectoral cooperation into practice, in close collaboration with the City District of Prague 7 and the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB), which is an institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2017, UCEEB was subcontracted to conduct a feasibility study which examines the system of social and health care for the elderly within the city district Prague 7. The study was created in collaboration with the IPR Prague between June 2017 and December 2017. Through the process of participatory design, relevant local stakeholders were engaged and individual needs of the represented seniors in Prague were mapped. There were interviews and workshops, also as part of planned activities within the replication activities of the Triangulum project.

The feasibility study served and continues to serve as a founded analysis and overview about identified needs for social and health care in Prague 7 and its results are therefore essential for the formulation of Prague’s implementation strategy. To respond to the needs, a comprehensive list of seven suitable measures for implementation were developed, which are a result of local discussions and workshops and as well a result of the inspiration from the Lighthouse Cities within the Triangulum project. The innovative measures are in the field of ICT, mobility and energy efficiency at the city district level. The implementation strategy also identifies several financing options for the measures and incorporates the measures into a high-level implementation roadmap. The deployment of technologies has to be preceded by organisational and procedural changes. These prerequisites are summarised in M0 of the following seven measures:

  • M0: Project management and coordination
  • M1: System for support of integrated care
  • M2: Service Portal for Senior Citizens
  • M3: Extended emergency care
  • M4: Smart homes for seniors
  • M5: Electro-mobility for social services and seniors
  • M6: Mobility of seniors

(Picture: IPR Prague)

These measures are meant for the city district of Prague 7 and to be implemented in a pilot project. Another measure of IPR Prague in the implementation strategy is the update of the city’s 3D model, which will have city-wide implications and which will support and improve the work of IPR Prague. The update of the 3D model will be partly financed by Triangulum project.

As a result of this the working process on the implementation strategy, a quadruple helix model of cooperation was strongly encouraged, new cross-sectoral partnerships were established and important insights were exchanged. The suggested measures, combined into a pilot project as proposed in the implementation strategy, have the potential to indirectly impact the whole City of Prague, as they deal with city-wide challenges on a district level. The pilot project is proposed to start during spring 2018. Should the implemented solution prove to be successful, it has the potential to be replicated in the other city districts. However, the implementation and potential replication is mainly dependent on whether the leadership of the district of Prague 7 takes ownership of the proposed pilot project during 2018.