Triangulum Onsite Assessment in Sabadell

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In the last months, the city of Sabadell, together with its linked third parties VIMUSA, IAS and Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell, has worked intensively in the city analysis prior to Triangulum’s on-site assessment held from 29th February to 9th March 2016. Not only has data with more than 100 indicators and action fields been collected, but also nearly 30 organisations have been involved – other public administrations, non-profit foundations, research centres and private companies – and 12 municipal departments. These entities and departments have participated during the on-site assessment conducted by Fraunhofer, most of them in the interviews as well as in the final innovation workshop held on 9th March in the “Fira Sabadell” exhibition centre.


After this analytic process a much clearer picture of the strengths, weaknesses and the potential of Sabadell has been obtained, and an interesting local innovation ecosystem has been developed. As a result of the on-site assessment, around 20 potential new projects have been proposed, in the fields of urban mobility, ICT, energy, citizen participation or innovative economy, and 14 of them were discussed in the final workshop identifying goals, components, stakeholders and supportive factors for each of them.

The challenge for the months ahead is to maintain the innovation ecosystem that has been created and to start the technical elaboration of the projects to be included in the Triangulum implementation plan in Sabadell.
The on-site assessment concludes the analytic work initiated by the municipality with internal discussions under three sectoral roundtables – mobility, energy, ICT – to identify the priorities and action lines, and evaluate the transferability of the Triangulum projects developed in Manchester, Eindhoven and Stavanger. In order to facilitate the assessment of the transferability, technical officers from the municipality of Sabadell and VIMUSA have participated in the on-site assessments of Eindhoven, Stavanger and Manchester which have taken place between October 2015 and January 2016.