Triangulum representation at 15th Annual Transatlantic Forum in Chicago

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Represented by the Stavanger partnership, Triangulum was promoted at the 15th Annual Transatlantic Forum in Chicago from 24th to 25th October 2016. Sciences, innovation and business were included as part of the cross disciplinary programme.

The Triangulum Stavanger partners were invited by the Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian Research Council to take part in a session on smart cities and triple helix cooperation titled “Smart Cities – Smart Technologies – Ethics”. The session was planned and moderated by David Collins from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

The workshop focused on partnerships as a key factor for smart cities. New collaborative arenas and potential projects were discussed. Representatives of Stavanger and Chicago described their smart city activities from the city, industry and knowledge perspective, and highlighted the role of these local partnerships for successful long term collaboration in smart city projects and programmes.

The Triangulum activities in Stavanger were presented and discussed by Gerd Seehuus, the local coordinator of the Lighthouse City Stavanger, Dagfinn Wåge, head of Innovation Department of LYSE AS and Chunming Rong, Professor at the CIPSI Institute of the University of Stavanger.

The session contrasted the Norwegian and United States approach to Smart Cites, but also framed it in the wider perspective of European and United States policies and partnerships.

The purpose of Norway’s Transatlantic Forum (TF) in North America is to promote enhanced cooperation between American, Canadian and Norwegian research, education and innovation. It is a forum where policymakers and knowledge producers meet to forge and develop long-term partnerships and discover cross-disciplinary and groundbreaking new ideas. In 2016, humanities and social sciences and societal challenges were at the core of the programme with its overall theme “Big challenges – human solutions”.